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1Please Review our Forum Guidelines Empty Please Review our Forum Guidelines on Sat 19 May 2012, 9:58 am

As a poster at Justice4Jane, you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • To be respectful of fellow posters and not engage in personal attacks.

  • To debate the issues, not the characteristics of the other posters.

  • To not investigate or discuss irrelevant people who are only tangential to the case.

  • To use clean language.

  • To stay on topic, generally.

  • To report any offensive or out of bound posts to moderators, and not try to correct the problem on your own.

  • To avoid posts that are purely congratulatory (such as "good one" or "LOL") unless adding a new thought.

  • To abide by copy-write laws by not copying entire articles, only partial ones, and acknowledging the source.

  • To clearly state when a comment is your speculation/opinion vs. fact.

  • To correctly quote other posters so not to misrepresent them.

  • To avoid an abundance of different colors and size fonts which make posts hard to read.

  • To offer technical advice to other posters on the "Suggestions for a Better Board" thread or via Private Message, not on a topic thread.

  • Members will refrain from posting publicly any information shared confidentially in a personal message, email, other blogs/chatrooms/websites

  • Members are not to post links, content or pictures from other blogs, chats or sites that also discuss the Bashara murder.

Please be advised that administrators reserve the right to delete/edit any posts or threads that violate these guidelines, or to delete any threads closed for comment. Administrators will address issues with posters via Private Message. Posters may be asked to edit their posts to bring them in line with these guidelines.

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